An ounce of prevention in the winter can save you frustration

Ben Davis Ford Inc. knows that harsh winter weather is coming to Auburn, and it is important for our customers to do what they can to increase the chances that they can navigate a slippery situation by having sand, salt, or kitty litter in their emergency kit that should be stowed in their vehicle.

Kitty litter is very cheap, and the granules can be spread on the ground to allow the tires to grip to them and drive off of the ice. Sand often works in the same manner. Sand is known for its abrasive property and will give tires a rough surface to stick to so that it can drive out of a rut. Lastly, salt is widely used to melt ice off of sidewalks and the same principle can be applied to melting the ice under your car's tires or making a clear path using salt to drive your car from.
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