It's fair to say that a lot of people love technology. It's in our homes and at our fingertips, thanks to smartphones. Because technology is so integral in our lives, it's no surprise that vehicles are also becoming very tech-heavy.

With that in mind, we love that Ford developed the FordPass app to connect our phones and our vehicles! FordPass is a one-stop-app that's eligible on select trims of new Ford models. With the app you can interact with your vehicle and make driving around Fort Wayne IN much easier.

For vehicle interaction, you can do the following remotely:

  • Stop and start your vehicle. You can also schedule a start if you know you want your Ford to be properly warmed or cooled before you get in at a certain time
  • Lock and unlock for a few seconds. This is helpful if you're on a trip and one of your kids left something important (like a backpack) in your Ford
  • Check fuel and fluid levels
  • Receive alerts on your vehicle's health and get service reminders

Now let's see how FordPass helps when you're driving:

  • You can search for gas stations in Fort Wayne IN and the surrounding area and asses the different prices
  • If you're visiting a big city you can easily find and pay for parking (feature available in select cities)

You can also securely store credit card information as part of the FordPay function on the FordPass app, and since you can schedule out payments you'll never miss a bill!

To see if the new Ford vehicle you're eying is eligible for the helpful FordPass app, stop into our dealership or contact our sales team. We're about a 30-minute drive from Fort Wayne IN and look forward to meeting you!

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