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Different reasons can cause car battery failure. Extreme temperatures and battery case damage are the main reasons for car battery failure. Regardless of the cause, dead or flat batteries are problematic. You don't need to wait too long to have your battery inspected by professionals at our dealership in Auburn. Taking your car battery for a routine inspection at our Indiana-based dealership will help prolong the lifespan of your battery and its components.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Vehicle Battery

Replacing your battery is an excellent way to give a new life to your car. At our dealership, we can replace your battery to lengthen your car's lifespan and reduce its costly maintenance needs. Our experienced technicians can offer a high-quality, genuine battery replacement to increase the longevity of your vehicle battery as compared to the old one.

When to Change Your Battery in the Fort Wayne Area

Several warning signs can show you it's time to take your vehicle for a battery replacement service. Indicators showing you need a battery replacement service include stains, buildup, or corrosion around terminals, sluggish car start: particularly during extreme cold or hot temperature periods, slow engine crank, and an older battery that's three or more years old.

Don't wait until your car battery dies. Come to our auto service center and have our certified technicians check your vehicle's battery health to determine if you need routine service or replacement.

FAQs Around Battery Alerts

What are the Common Causes of Battery Failure?

Problems like poorly connected accessories, hot temperatures, and infrequent startup are some of the causes responsible for many cases of battery failure.

Can Preventive Measures Prolong the Lifespan of My Battery?

It will help if your technician executes a test on your car battery every time you go for an oil change. That's essential in monitoring your battery's status and preventing you from facing a situation where your car won't start. It will also help prevent larger repair issues in the long run.

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