If you're in the market for a new car, there are a number of financing options available to you. One you may not have considered is to lease the new vehicle of your dreams. Leasing offers a number of advantages that many people simply aren't aware of. Taking out a lease on a new automobile can open doors you never considered. Here at Ben Davis Ford, we want to help all our customers in Auburn, IN, obtain the vehicle that fits their needs on the best possible terms. Take a look at some of the most common benefits of leasing a new Ford.


You may find that you can actually afford more vehicle for your money with a lease. Payments on a lease are usually less than a traditional loan because they are based on the depreciation value over the length of the lease, rather than on the automobile's full retail cost. You'll typically save money when you choose to lease.


The bumper-to-bumper warranty on your new vehicle is usually covered for the entire period of the lease. That means you shouldn't have to pay much out of pocket for repair costs. Some leases may even provide free repair costs for an initial period of time. Major repairs are a hassle you shouldn't have to worry about when you opt for a lease. This can provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Less Money Down

Leasing can come with a variety of flexible financing options, making it easier to qualify for a program than buying outright might be. One financing advantage is that leases usually don't require as much of a down payment as a car loan would. Sometimes there's no money down needed at all. It's also possible that your down payment can be rolled into the monthly payments. Such financing terms make driving a new car more accessible for some buyers in Columbia City, IN.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is a type of policy that covers money owed above and beyond the value of a vehicle in the case of an accident or if your car is stolen. Many lease terms include this type of coverage for free, which can save you quite a bit of money. Without having gap insurance, you could end up owing thousands of dollars.

Tax Benefits

It's likely you'll only be taxed on the usage of a vehicle when leasing. That means you won't be paying taxes on the full retail value. This could save you a good chunk of change. If you're using your car for your business, it's possible you could even write off the entire amount of your lease a tax deduction.

More Choice

A number of factors will allow you more choice in vehicles when you lease a new car in Fort Wayne. Because monthly payments will be less than buying, you can usually afford to buy a more expensive vehicle than you might otherwise have considered. You can also have the latest and most up-to-date features in safety, technology, and entertainment when you lease because you can upgrade every two to three years.

Less Hassle

When you lease your vehicle in Angola, you don't have the luxury of simply turning it in at the end of the lease period and choosing a new one. This can save you a lot of hassle in such things as determining when to invest in repairs or whether to buy new. You also don't have to deal with selling or trade-in value.

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These are just some of the better-known reasons to consider leasing a new Ford vehicle. If you live in the Kendallville, IN, area, we'd love to help you find the car, truck, or SUV that suits your lifestyle and to talk about possible leasing terms. Give us a call with your questions or stop by for a test drive. We welcome you to come and see our Ford lease options up close and personal.

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