Cold weather and winter driving can be challenging if you're not prepared. Providing winter servicing for Ford vehicles is a priority at our dealership, and we want your holiday season to be safe and worry-free. Here is all you need to know about protecting your Ford vehicle and when to bring it to our service center this winter!

What Does Your Ford Vehicle Need This Winter?

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

It's essential to maintain proper tire pressure to handle cold temperatures around Auburn. When tires lose air, it means they have less contact with the road surface, which can lead to hydroplaning or loss of control on slippery surfaces. Use an accurate gauge such as those available at our service center to check your tire pressure. Check out the rest of our tire care advice to learn more!

Check Brake Fluid Levels and Brakes

Brakes need more attention in colder weather because it takes longer for them to stop due to condensation that can form on the brake lines. You should check your brake fluid levels and ensure that the reservoir is full before hitting the road in winter weather conditions. Our technicians can inspect your brakes to ensure they're ready for winter around Kendallville.

Oil Changes and Fluid Level Checks

To operate properly, your vehicle's engine requires a steady flow of oil that lubricates the pistons. It also ensures that all moving parts are sufficiently cooled and lubricated. If it's been a long time since your last oil change, schedule one at our service center near Garrett, IN. It will help your vehicle run smoothly for years to come!

Inspect Your Vehicle's Battery

Extreme cold weather can take a toll on your vehicle's battery. Ensure the battery's condition and charging system before hitting the road. Our team can test the health of your Ford vehicle's battery to ensure it will start your vehicle on cold winter mornings in Hamilton, IN.

Windshield Wipers and Wiper Fluid

During winter months—especially during snowstorms—visibility is essential for drivers on the road, so make sure you're using a quality windshield wiper fluid that will help clear your windshield effectively. You should also replace your windshield wiper blades if they're leaving streaks or not clearing your windshield effectively around Fort Wayne, IN.

Your Coolant Levels

The winter months can cause severe damage to a vehicle's engine if it's not protected with coolant. Coolants also help to protect vital engine parts from rusting or corroding. Our service technicians can inspect your Ford vehicle and ensure it's ready for the winter driving ahead of you.

Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Half Full

Gas will remain liquid in sub-zero temperatures if you keep the fuel tank at least half full at all times. If you let your fuel get too low, it can cause a vapor lock when there is insufficient liquid gas to keep pumping from the tank to the engine. Vapor lock causes your vehicle's engine to stall when it gets too hot and makes starting very difficult.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

If you get stranded in the cold around Hicksville, OH, it's essential to keep warm and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Always keep an emergency kit such as blankets, food, flares, or other winter driving supplies so you can stay safe until help arrives.

Keep Your Exhaust Pipe Clear of Snow

Clearing ice and snow from around the exhaust pipe will ensure that hot gases leave the tailpipe freely and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide buildup inside your vehicle. Don't forget this when you're clearing snow off of your vehicle!

Schedule a Service for Your Ford Vehicle with Our Experts in Auburn

Our highly competent service technicians are fully trained in service and repairs for all Ford models. If you're experiencing any difficulty with your vehicle during the winter season, please don't hesitate to schedule a service appointment.

There are many things to keep in mind when preparing for winter weather. By following these preventive tips, you'll help ensure a safe and worry-free holiday season. If you have any questions or need service on your Ford vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us at Ben Davis Ford in Auburn. We're here to help!

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